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Real Sandspit British Columbia Scenery


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MESH/LANDCLASS COMPATIBLITY NOTE: Please note: The Sandspit Scenery add-on is not Ultimate Terrain Canada compatible at this time! A patch may be on the way in the near future, however we can't give any release dates for that at this time. In beta testing the productworked well with default FS2004/FSX scenery as well as all FSGenesis mesh types, however it may not work well with all mesh and landclass products including but not limited to UT Canada.

QUESTION: When I load the new scenery, objects appear to float or the runway or the entire airfield may appear sunken or raised.

ANSWER: This is because you must be using mesh in that area of the world that conflicts with our scenery. This scenery was created using a "clean" landscape with default FS2004/FSX ground textures and with no add-on mesh or other enhancements. With so many developers of replacement ground textures, mesh and landclass out there we can't support nor claim compatibility with all of them so we choose to use the default FS2004/FSX environment as our canvas. If you have an issue with overlapping ground textures or objects appear to be floating etc. please know that this is not an issue with our scenery but most likely a conflict with other add-on scenery software.

A quick "rule-of-thumb" to use is this: If your scenery does not look like our screenshots than you must have some sort of add-on mesh or other replacement texture package installed. Again, we can't support anything other than the default FS2004/FSX textures or our own custom ones simply due to the fact that there are so many mesh and textures out there.

QUESTION: When I load FS2004/FSX after installing the product I can't find the airfields in the FS2004/FSX airport listing. OR, When I load an adventure flight the airfield is not found.

ANSWER: You need to add the new scenery area to the FS2004 Scenery Library. Sometimes this is done by default and other times it is not. See the help file included in the download called "Adding Scenery to FS2004/FSX Scenery Library." We have included an entire tutorial with a quick video on this in the file you downloaded.

QUESTION: Can I modify where the installer places the scenery objects?

ANSWER: No. The installer places these files where they are needed. Any modifications to this will cause problems with the way the scenery displays and will also result in no support of the product. Remember, the installer knows best!

QUESTION: Do I have to use the default FS2004/FSX planes that are loaded with the saved flights?

ANSWER: No, we use the default FS2004/FSX planes because we have no idea what you might have installed, so after the flight is loaded feel free to change the plane to any one you feel might fit the flight.

QUESTION: My question was not answered in this section. How can I get further support on this product?

ANSWER: If after reading all the documents that were provided with the product and this FAQ section and you still need technical support you can contact us with your support related question (only support related questions please) by following the steps below:

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